Anna Mirkin is a multidisciplinary artist born in Moscow (1983), currently living and working in Berlin and Tel-Aviv. Her work involves the use of drawing and painting as sculptures and installations through duplication and repetition of patterns. She merges different disciplines and mediums in her practice, combining textile, print and embroidery with participatory and community-based projects. Her work explores the collective sub consciousness that appears in everyday situations and cultural rituals.  

Her work was exhibited in Tel-Aviv, Vienna, New York, and Beijing - representing the Israeli embassy at Art Beijing. She had solo shows in: Haifa Museum of art, Be'eri Gallery, STA art gallery in Tel-Aviv. Her work was exhibited in Helen Rubinstein pavilion of contemporary art, Tel-Aviv Museum.

Artist statement

In the past two years I am working with a technique turning drawings into three dimensional objects and sculptures. Through a proses of drawing – multiplying into a kaleidoscopic repeating pattern – and reprinting on paper or textile. The pattern is used to cover objects unifying them into sculptures and installations. The themes I explore through this work are social constructs and cultural conditioning in different groups, as opposed to psychological archetypes that are in the base of the human existence – the collective subconsciousness. Always looking for extremes and abnormalities, in which the greater base of the human experience shines through. The topic being addressed in my resent work is the virtual space and digital communication, as a mirror of our collective mind. 

Solo Exhibitions

2017 - "Layer No 2" Solo exhibition at Kibutz Be'eri Gallery, curated by Ziva yalin

2013 - “Submission” Solo exhibition in STA gallery, curated by Sari Golan Sarig, Tel-Aviv

2013 - “Wasteland” Solo exhibition, representing the Israeli embassy at

 Art Beijing, Beijing

2012 - “Right of passage” solo exhibition at Haifa art museum, curated by

Hila Cohen-Schneiderman

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 - "Lusid Valley" Two-Person show with Roni Amiel, at Hanut Gallery, Tel-Aviv, curated by Tali Kayam

2016 - "5" Group exhibition at Gabirol Gallery, Tel-Aviv, curated by Lia Tzigler

2015 - "Infinity proceeds from infinity"  Installation at Tmuna theatre for War (And Peace) festival

2015 - "DSTRB", Group exhibition at Artist House TLV, curated by Yonatan Mishal

2014 - Fresh Paint 7 art fair, as part of the independent artist greenhouse

2012 - “Handicraft” Two-Person exhibition, with Noa Ginzburg, at The Zimmer space, Tel-Aviv

2012 - “Right of passage” solo exhibition at Haifa art museum, curated by

Hila Cohen-Schneiderman

2012 - “Standard model” Two-Person exhibition, with Noa Liberman, at Alfred Ggallery, Tel-Aviv, curated by Adi Bezalel

2011 - “House hold” Short residency program and group exhibition in Kibbutz Urim, curated by Sari Golan Sarig

2011 - “Inside Job” Group exhibition, at Helena Rubinstein pavilion for contemporary art, Tel-Aviv museum, curated by Tel-Lanir

2011 - “Built to last” Group exhibition at the gallery space of Bat Yam`s artist colony, curated by Raz Shapira Fainburg

2010 - Fresh Paint art fair, a mural in group exhibition, as part of the street art section

2010 - “Walled in” group exhibition in Inoperable gallery, Vienna, Austria

2009 - “Good girls, dead girls” Group exhibition in Engel gallery, Tel-Aviv, curated by Meital Raz


2017 -"layer No"2 Solo exhibition catalogue, text by Ziva Jelin and Keren Goldberg. Kibutz Be'eri

2015 - Alfred Gallery 2013-2015 Activity Catalogue. Alfred Institute